We sell your green energy

For owners of green production Yuso can offer purchasing contracts for the green energy that is injected on the grid.

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Your benefits

More return

Yuso strives to offer its customers the highest possible price for the energy they produce. This market can be up to 20% higher than your current selling price

Easy settlement

Yuso informs you every month on the yield of your plant with a transparent settlement. You will receive your money within the month without additional administration by using self-billing

Premium service

Yuso provides expert advice regarding the performance of your system. As Yuso customer, we keep your installation continuously monitored. Thus, we can point to possible weaknesses and opportunities.

Yuso offers you the best price in the market

Yuso offers a better price than traditional players for two reasons. Through our efficient operational force our overhead costs are significantly lower than for traditional utilities. Additionally Yuso developed a strong expertise in the marketing of green power. Through smart management of our portfolio an additional value can be created on top of the market value.

Transparent price for your energy

Our prices are indexed to the monthly average of the Belpex exchange rates. For our price indexation we differenciate between peak (weekends and holidays) and off-peak hours. Request a quote to know which indexation is applicable to your installation.

Yuso already brings more than 400 plants to the market


Patrick Oosterlinck, bo-solutions

We choose Yuso because they work in a bright, clear and transparent manner. They have the expertise about PV systems and we regularly hear from them. I would definitely recommend their service!

Ghislaine Verschuere, Verplanckehaarden

The collaboration with Yuso goes very smooth. We get a good price for our generated energy and never have problems with the setllements They are always available to answer our questions.